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Frontline Workers Appreciation Dinner

& Call for Donations

Wednesday, April 21st 2021

Lazy Betty will be hosting a special dinner on April 21 to celebrate local healthcare workers working the COVID-19 frontlines. Vaccinated hospital workers are invited to make reservations here for Wednesday, April 21 and can enjoy a complimentary five-course tasting menu experience along with a bottle of white or red wine to pair. 

To support the dinner, Lazy Betty is now accepting donations from the public here, and those who make a donation will receive a gift card to the restaurant in exchange – $10 gift card for a $25 donation, $20 gift card for a $50 donation, $45 gift card for a $100 donation, $125 gift card for a $250 donation, $325 gift card for a $500 donation and $750 gift card for a $1000 donation. Once a donation is made, the restaurant will follow up with donors with gift card details via email.

All profits from the dinner will be donated to Wellstar Foundation in support of COVID-19 Relief. As one of the most extensive and most integrated not-for-profit health systems in Georgia, Wellstar stands at the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus.


Please note, a medical ID is required for the complimentary meal, and the tasting menu for non-medical workers dining on April 21 will be $100.

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